Celebrate Our Life.
On Earth Together.

El Bio is a friendly & tasteful wine brand that lets you celebrate (y)our life on our planet earth. We believe that what good is for you only can be good if it's good for nature as well.


Green Footprint.
Shared Values.

El Bio wines are made organically, with respect for nature as much as possible. So we don’t use pesticides during our wine process. Our commitment lies in what you taste in your glass.

Verdejo ❤ Sauvignon Blanc
El Bio White

This fresh and young Verdejo - Sauvignon Blanc from Spain stands perfectly on its own. Great for talking with friends! Served for refreshment at 10-12°C.

Tempranillo ❤ Cabernet Sauvignon
El Bio Red

This medium-bodied Tempranillo - Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain tastes amazing with barbeques, veal and sausages. Also perfect as an aperitif. Served at 15-17°C.

Garnacha ❤ Monastrell
El Bio Rosé

This fresh Garnacha- Monastrell Rosé from Spain tastes good with Seafood, fingerfood and salads. But also stands perfectly on its own. Served at 9-11°C.


The Netherlands


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